What The Water Heater Is Used For

Within the domestic environment, a water heater would usually be utilised for cleaning and cooking, as well as bathing. It can also be utilised for space heating. It may not be nearly as complex as would usually be the case within the commercial and industrial environments but water heater installation in Katy, TX could still very well apply to the domestic environment. Needless to say then that within the commercial and industrial environments, the water heater will have its numerous uses.

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Domestic use water heaters can be called by other names. You will know these as kettles, pots or cauldrons. Some people are even calling theirs coppers. But this may well be an exception to the rule, given that the use of copper heaters are just about outmoded. As good as they still are, they appear to be quite expensive to maintain. And of course, those with limited budgets and resources are hardly going to stand a chance of every being able to replace them.

In all of the domestic, commercial and industrial environments, you will hear talk of boilers, hot water tanks, hot water heaters, water heaters and even heat exchangers. The name-calling is dependent on the region in which these heaters would be used. But it will also depend on whether they are heating potable or non-potable water. Well, here is another name then. This one is called a calorifier.

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